How much insurance coverage do I need on my house? 

Your son's property would be covered under the personal property coverage on your homeowner's policy, even if he is away at college. Personal property in transit, on holiday, or temporarily stored away from the home is all covered as if it were actually in the home, from theft, fire, etc. 

When you are considering the amount of dwelling coverage for your home, our database will factor in the qualities of your home, such as sq. feet, roof type, siding, bathrooms, etc. and determine an estimated reconstruction cost. As long as your home is insured to 100% of the estimated reconstruction cost, your home will be protected. Keep in mind that reconstruction cost is the literal amount it would take to REPLACE your home, not necessarily the current market value of your home. 

Do I need liability insurance for my business? 

How much life insurance do I need? 

Is my son's property covered while hes away at college?

When you're renting a vehicle, the rental company will often push for you to buy their comprehensive, collision, and/or liability insurance. The fact is, your personal automotive insurance will cover you in the same fashion that theirs would. For instance, if you have liability coverage on your personal auto, presumably the one that is in the shop, then that auto coverage will cover your liability on the rental car in the exact same way as if you were driving your own. Along the same lines, if you have comprehensive and collision coverage on your personal auto, then there is no need to purchase the comprehensive or collision coverage on the rental vehicle. However, if you do not have comprehensive and collision on your personal auto, you will need to purchase the additional insurance from the rental company to protect their vehicle. 

You absolutely need liability insurance for your business, and that's the bare minimum. I write complete business owners policies in every industry I am allowed, which covers liability, property, completed operations, and a WIDE array of other coverages beyond your basic liability. Contact me so that we can discuss the particularly important aspects of your business. 

This is a fairly complicated question, and varies widely from person to person. Our minimum life insurance products are typically $150,000, but depending on your lifestyle, you may need up to several million in coverage. Request an appointment so that we can sit down and discuss your particular needs, as well as what we can do to solve them. 

When I rent a car, do I need to buy insurance sold by the rental company?